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  • The Institute has 4 well-furnished and spacious libraries segregated into the following wings -Higher primary School, High School (State Board), CBSE and PU College.
  • Over 5000 books related to Academics, G.K, Comics, Spirituality and Sports are available for students.
  • The library will be open from 7: 30A.M in the morning till 6P.M in the evening.
  • English, Kannada and Hindi newspapers are available to students to get themselves updated with the current affairs.
  • The monthly and weekly magazines subscribed include Competition success, Wisdom, Sports Star, Champak, Readers Digest, Spain, FrontLine, etc.
  • The spiritual magazines subscribed include Sanathana Sarathi, Vision, Vivekaprabha, Splendour, Shankara Bhaskara, Bhavan’s Journal etc.
Computer Lab
  • The computer lab was first started in the year 1987 with five BBC microcomputers under the government project CLASS (Computer Literacy in Secondary Schools). Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba graciously inaugurated the lab in the Auditorium in 1987.
  • In the year 1998, all the BBC microcomputers were replaced with eight P3 systems that made students exposure advanced versions of the computer.
  • In the year 2007 all the P3 systems were replaced with 20 latest P4 version of the computer. The new lab is in PU college building and is utilized by all the students of the institution. The well-furnished lab has broadband Internet facility. The dimension of the lab is 36 by 24feet. Apart from using the computer lab as a part of the curriculum by the CBSE and PUC students, it is also used by the other wings (Higher Primary and High School) of the institution. The institution makes all the effort to make sure that the students will use the lab facility for educative purpose. The computer lab caters to all the academic needs of the PUC and CBSE syllabus.
Science Labs

  • Institute has provided a well-equipped, spacious science lab each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • The dimension of each lab is 30feet by 24 feet.
  • The Physics and Chemistry labs are housed in the CBSE building, and Biology lab in the PU building. The PU and CBSE students share all the three labs.
  • All the labs are well equipped and cater to the academic needs of the PUC and CBSE syllabus.
  • The lab has all the instruments and necessary equipment for the students to conduct experiments individually.
Audio Visual Galleria
  • Institute has three Projectors and three sound systems placed at Auditorium, Conference Hall and Multimedia room (CBSE Building).
  • Students can also exhibit their ideas and give presentations in the halls which are also used for guest lectures.
  • Multimedia room present in CBSE building is used to teach students using educational CDs.
  • Soundproof professional audio studio was started on 4th June 2005 mainly to cater to the audio requirements of the institution. The studio also undertakes recordings for the Sai Global Harmony (World space).
Games and Sports
  • Students can participate in Sports & Games of their interest.
  • Each wing is provided with its own sports equipment.
  • The Institute has well maintained playgrounds with concreted basket-ball court, two outdoor ball-badminton courts, five semi-indoor badminton courts, four volley-ball courts, table-tennis boards, kho-kho, kabadi grounds, a Football ground with gallery and a Cricket ground with concrete pitch.
  • Indoor games like chess, carom and Chinese checkers are also available.
  • Higher Primary students also have a separate play area with sand-pit, sliders, swings etc.
  • Karate coaching is provided free of cost to interested students.
  • Athletics are encouraged and students regularly participate in district and State level competitions in which they come out with flying colors.
Music, Cultural and Moral Education
  • Training is provided for the following classical instruments:
    • Tabla
    • Mridangam
    • Keyboard
    • Brass band
    • Harmonium
  • Bharatanatayam and Carnatic music arealso taught by professionals.
  • Yoga classes are held once in a week for all the students in batches. To encourage the students various yoga competitions are held. Students who perform well are allowed to exhibit their talent on stage during various functions.
  • Veda classes are held to inculcate in the students the sacred Indian Culture. The Vedas taught include Shanthi mantra, Rudra, Narayan Upanishad, Purushasooktham, Srisuktha, Taittiriya Upanishad Maha Narayana Upanishad etc.
  • Some senior members of the institution teach Bhagavad Gita slokas twice a week during the prayer sessions. . Students are taught to chant the slokas with proper intonation and interpretation of these slokas are also given.
  • Moral and spiritual education based on the universal Sai principles of Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa is imparted to the students in the hostel. The teachers live with the children and ensure an atmosphere of love and care in the serene atmosphere of the campus. Faith in the fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man is instilled through moral classes, prayers, bhajans, stories and parables drawn from different religions of the world. Moral and spiritual education is integrated with the entire academic program through the following activities:
    • Bhagawan Baba started the Balvikas program to foster character development and spiritual transformation in the students and lakhs of children around the world are immensely benefited by this. Here in the campus also Balvikas classes are conducted.
    • Moral science classes are also conducted during the normal class hours every week.
    • Sadhana Camps are held regularly to impart human values to students.
    • All the students participate in prayers held twice a day and involve themselves in various service activities. Talks on Spirituality and other topics are arranged occasionally.
    • Students are also encouraged to participate Ramayana, Mahabharata and other moral examinations conducted by various organizations. Students here have obtained gold and silver medals in these exams.
Health and Hygiene

  • Students do jogging and physical jerks everyday after the morning prayer to keep themselves fit throughout the day.
  • The students attend the Yoga class at least once a week.
  • Filtered (Aquaguard) drinking water is available near the classrooms and the dining halls.
  • The campus has a dispensary under the supervision of an experienced doctor. Cases of illness will be promptly attended to.
    • A physician visits the institution campus from Monday to Saturday from 7:15A.M to 8:15A.M.
    • In case the students require more medical attention, they will be taken to Chikkaballpur for consultation with specialists (Eye, Skin and Ortho) accompanied by an institution staff.
    • In case any student has to undergo a surgery, he will be allowed to go home and come back after complete recovery based on the doctor’s advice.
    • In case any student requires immediate medical attention, the institution takes care to get the initial medical checkup done and later inform their parents.
  • Hot water is provided to the students for bath through solar heaters.
  • Rooms are to be maintained by the residents themselves, which thereby inculcates in the students the concept of cleanliness.
  • Cleaning the surroundings is part and parcel of the hostel life. The students will do the surrounding cleaning everyday in batches.
Food and Nutrition

  • A relishing and well-balanced VEGETARIAN diet is served under hygienic conditions. Students are served with breakfast, two wholesome meals and light snacks in the evening along with coffee/tea/milk. Milk is also served after supper.
  • Sweets are provided twice in a week and special menu will be served on festival days.
  • There is a stationery store and a canteen, which caters to the requirements of the students.
  • Other needs like laundry, hair cutting saloon, post office, bank, tailoring shop, STD booth, etc. are available in the campus.
  • The campus has alternative power supply arrangement in case of power failure.